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Jennie Kwon

Baguette Emerald Lace Threaded End

Baguette Emerald Lace Threaded End

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This piece does not come with a backing, please purchase one separately here

From our exclusive collection with Jennie Kwon Designs, the Baguette Emerald Lace Stud from the designer's best sellers has been reimagined into body jewelry. This design laces up several stones into an intricate design, including three 1.8mm emeralds, a 3x1.5mm white diamond baguette, and three 1mm diamond accents.

Hypoallergenic, nickel-safe 14K gold, made for wear in piercings. 

"Elegant lace-like details spun of emeralds, accented by a clean geometric diamond, sprinkled by a few sparkly pave diamonds.  We love how perfectly balanced this stud earring is.  Beautiful as a pair or as an addition to your earring stack."

This piece is 18/16 Gauge Threaded, and will not work on threadless posts.

The Details

• 14k Yellow Gold
• Sold Singly
• 18/16 Gauge Threaded End
• Does NOT come with a post - Please purchase one through the item description or further down on the page.

Jewelry Measurements

Overall size: 7mm in length and 6mm in width

Baguette diamond is 3mm x 1.5mm in side.
There are three emeralds that are 1.8mm rounds, and three accent white diamonds that are 1mm in size.

Gemstone Information

• EMERALD - Emeralds are a precious gemstone derived from the mineral beryl, known for their vibrant green to bluish green color. They are known to naturally possess inclusions (specifically coined ‘jardin’) and can be graded by eye, and so a very high-quality emerald typically has an observed translucency but they do not necessarily need to be clear to be a high grade. Emeralds are known to be aesthetically pleasing as its shade of green relieves eye stress.

They approximate an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

• DIAMOND - One of the most coveted gemstones in the world, diamond has a rare composition in that it’s exclusively made of carbon that has been pressurized and put under extreme heat. It is most commonly sold as a clear or white diamond, but can come in many natural colors.

Diamonds are the hardest mineral known, ranking a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. A diamond can only be marked with another diamond.

Diamond is traditionally known as April’s birthstone.

Lifetime Repair Warranty

Rest assured — All jewelry purchased from So Gold Studios is eligible for our lifetime repair warranty. Have a lost gemstone, broken pin, or discoloration? Reach out to us. 

Please note that our lifetime repair policy does not cover loss, only repairs to jewelry you currently own that was purchased directly from us. 

Read more here.

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Please note that due to the sanitary nature of body jewelry, all orders are non-refundable.

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